Purpose Driven. Hard Working. Inspiring. Motivating. Uncompromising

John Ezra Dew

I’m an elite level Personal Trainer & Coach who believes in the transformative nature of hard work, not cutting corners and living by right principles. I firmly believe in using the transformation journey of personal development as a means for helping my clients better know themselves and in the process realizing their dreams. Put simply, I recognize that dreams are free, but the hustle to make them a reality is where most people fall short.

During my seven years in the U.S. Marine Corps (Operations Iraqi & Enduring Freedom), I came to know the value of showing up and putting in hard work everyday. This commitment and resolve have empowered me to become an award-winning bodybuilder (4-Time MuscleMania Champion) who excels at getting the most out of my elite client base of Actors, Athletes, Fitness Models, & Men’s Physique Competitors.

But I am more than just a pretty face, I’m also a world class communicator (John Maxwell certified speaker, trainer & coach) who has won multiple Toastmaster Championships. This aspect of my personality is incredibly important as it helps motivate my clients to go the extra mile and become the best version of themselves possible.

When clients work with me, they’re:

  • Comfortable with approaching me and asking questions
  • Inspired - that we will achieve great things
  • Confident - in the person they are today and will be tomorrow
  • Motivated - to dream bigger (both inside and outside of the gym) and
  • Inspired - by the small, daily victories that build up to success

I take very seriously the trust that my clients invest when working with me. This means the world to me and it is my honor to serve them. I love the fact that my clients’ success is also my own! The thrill of the “team victory” keeps me motivated and puts a smile on my face!

Lastly, my values are tied up in two concepts: loving the Lord God with all my heart and loving others with the same full heart. For me, integrity and doing things right, no matter the price, is the only mode of operation.

Please reach out, and together, we’ll build a better you!

Purpose Driven. Hard Working. Inspiring. Motivating. Uncompromising

Breathe Life

As a personal Trainer and Coach, I wake up everyday, motivated by the opportunity that lays before me: to inspire clients and empower them to make positive, life-changing decisions in the areas of health and fitness.

At Breathe Life, I promote the pursuit of a purpose-driven, thoughtful life that’s built on right principles. I want everyone that I interact with to live a life of positive abundance! What separates me from the rest is the firm belief that I am living out my life’s purpose everyday: engaging others with motivation and inspirational concepts that encourage the continued development of their own talents, gifts and purpose.

Specifically, I guide my clients to better health and wellness through personalized coaching that includes:

  • Review of current eating habits, fitness routine & wellness goals
  • Collaboration to establish clear, achievable goals and
  • Creation of individualized nutrition and fitness plans to reach goals

Actors, Athletes, Fitness Models, & Men's Physique Competitors have all put their trust in me and been rewarded with consistent progression and success within their fitness journey.

While being a Personal Trainer & Coach brings me energy and joy, it’s not the only dimension to my professional life, I’m also a successful businessman who oversees all aspects of Breathe Life’s profitable fitness consulting agency. To this end, I manage a budget that involves line items such as, website development & support costs, personnel and equipment expenses & administrative support.

Since I have been at the leadership, I have overseen successful email & marketing campaigns that have lead to 100’s of clients worldwide online, tremendous revenue growth and membership engagement. All which have been re-invested within the organization to optimize the client experience and company culture. I have big plans for the future of Breath Life and look forward to creating a legacy that will outlive me and have a positive impact on the world.